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crystal singing bowls

Welcome to Crystal Gardens Massage & Energy Therapy. Our goal is to assist you on your path to health and well being whether you are seeking relaxation, pain relief, inner peace, increased energy or better sleep. We offer a wide range of massages, ionic foot detox and energy therapy to help you attain these goals. 

  We are located right off Independence, 2 miles north of Town Center. 

Enjoy a relaxing, professional massage or energy work in clean, quiet surroundings with the sound of waterfalls and soothing music.

  All massages include aromatherapy, warmed organic lotions and hot stones on problem areas for no extra charge. Magnetic/ accupressure cups may also be used which are revolutionary in providing pain relief.

Energy work may include Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, color/light therapy, Reiki, guided meditation, mindfulness instruction and tuning fork therapy. It can also be done remotely. 

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Online scheduling now available, click here.

Gift Certificates can be mailed or available for pickup at our studio

clean, quiet massage room


Quiet, calming space

Sound therapy


Tibetan and crystal singing bowls will transport you to a state of deep relaxation & peace

relaxing bodywork


Warmed lotion to relax tense muscles

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